Thursday, August 3

See what's on the slab

They did it again!

Momma stopped by a Super Target today and found it stocked with Wonderful New Items for 18" Vinyl Americans!

Some are so new We can't find them online at either or, but they are found at in the United Kingdom. 

Momma found the new Healthy Paws Vet Clinic (we are sooo getting it someday!), and new plush pets including a turtle, ferret, guinea pig, and kitten. 

But what is coming home first? The Our Generation Schoolroom Science Deluxe Lab Set. 

It's time for science with this Our Generation Schoolroom Science Deluxe Lab Set. (Doll and outfit sold separately) Our Generation Schoolroom Science Deluxe Lab Set Contents: An apron, a pair of gloves, a skeleton model witkh a pole and a stand, a rolling cart, a functional bunsen burner, a flask, a beaker, a florence flask, a functional microscope, a tube stand with three test tubes, a pair of glasses, two phials, a bottle with crystals, a rubber ball pipette, a measuring spoon, a molecule model, a pencil, a marker with a lid, two copybooks, a textbook, and a periodic table chart. 

Just what I need for my Mad Scientist Laboratory!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - AG better watch out! OG is winning the accessories war. 

Thursday, April 27

Camera ready, set, go!

That sound you heard?

Oh, that was just Momma completely losing her few remaining marbles over American Girl's new Z Yang. 

We love Z's look (especially her beauty mark) but Momma's hysteria is over Z's Filming Accessories. 

(Have I ever mentioned that Momma has both associate and bachelor degrees in photography?)

Z's Filming Accessories comes with:

Z's tripod helps her steady every shot—and her backpack helps her carry everything to the next cool location! This set of pretend filmmaking accessories includes:
    • A 35mm camera with a colorful carrying strap
    • A camcorder
    • A smartphone with five interchangeable screens
    • A tripod to be used with all three devices
    • A backpack

I suspect that will be coming home with us ASAP. 

Z? The jury's still out until we see her in person. Will her perma-panties look as bad in Real Life as the do in photographs? Is her vinyl super squishy - AKA cheap? Inquiring minds want to know!

Meanwhile, it is bedtime. 


Liver of life

I know I am really, really late (blame Momma) in announcing the winner here, but Donna Wooten is the winner of the Life Science Set! (She was privately notified earlier this week.)

The Our Generation Life Science Set includes one molecule model, one anatomy torso with three removable pieces (rib cage, lungs, and liver), one book, and one poster.

While hundreds of thousands did not participate in My Giveaway (unlike The March for Science which did!) I truly appreciate Each and Every one of you who did. 

Congratulations Donna!

Life loves the liver of it. 
Maya Angelou